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CRDA Summer Concert Series: The Tip of the Iceberg That Must Emerge

Our Atlantic County based company, Tony Mart Presents, is grateful to Atlantic City, Atlantic County and New Jersey officials, especially those at the CRDA for the government support and the opportunity we have been given. 

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Spring Fresh Craft Beer and Wine Fest


“Spring Fresh Craft Beer and Wine Festival” at the Elks Lodge on Saturday, April 18, 2015

The night will be hosted by South Jersey’s super foodie, Ed Hitzel, and Craft Beer Guru Gary Montoroso. 

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Somers Point Beach Concerts


June 12th: The first of 15 concerts on the Somers Point Beach will premiere with “Swift Technique”...

...an incredibly entertaining and talented, New Orleans style funky brass band who will have everybody singing, dancing and celebrating. 

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