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$5000 Title Sponsorship - 75 Comp Tickets

Title Sponsor puts it name on the event and appears with the Title of the event on all signs, posters, flyers, schedules, advertisements, t-shirts, cups, etc. The Title Sponsor will appear on a large banner behind the performance stage for live concerts. This Sponsor will be a part of all promotion and every mention of the event in publicity and advertising. This Sponsor will have rights of access to all areas with multiple display areas and choices of activities to best serve it's goals for participation and promotion of the event. This Sponsor will have the right of first refusal to hold this Title Sponsorship for 3 years.

$2500 Presenting Sponsor - 40 Comp Tickets

The Presenting Sponsor will appear just below "Jersey Gumbo" on all places as described above. Presenting Sponsors will have the privilege to put a banner on the stage and have a major presence with full access to all areas. Presenting Sponsors will be prominently displayed at the top of all print media as described above.

$1000 Top Line Sponsor - 20 Tickets

The Top Line Sponsor will be a major Sponsor whose name and logos will be displayed prominently with the entertainment schedule in the middle of all print media as described above. Top Line Sponsors will be entitled to participate in every way listed above and have prominent display areas for publicity and sales of their products and brands.

$500 VIP Sponsor/Vendor 8 Tickets

This level of Sponsorship allows participation as a contestant, vendor and prominent named Sponsor with logo.

$300 Participating Sponsor - 2 Tickets

This level allows a contestant to also be named as a participating Sponsor. This level does not include sales of any products other than the Gumbo prepared for the contest.

$150 Individual Contestant - (non-commercial)

Includes 2 General Admission Tickets

All contestants will be permitted to sell Gumbo or take orders for future delivery, catering, etc.

Come Taste! Experience The Second Annual Jersey Gumbo Cookoff & Musicfest

Tickets priced at only $22 in advance, $25 at the door.
Jersey Gumbo Music Festival
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For more info call 609-653-6069 or Email TONYMARTO@AOL.COM
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