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Let the Good Times Roll Radio ShowLet The Good Times Roll Radio Show

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The Legend of Tony Mart

With the great resurgence of classic rock enjoyed by people of all ages and the recent international media attention to Tony Mart's as a result of Robbie Robertson's autobiography, "Testimony", there is no time better than the present to create the long overdue book, "The Legend of Tony Mart".

We invite everyone to join us live every Saturday at high noon to share in the stories and reminiscences; your stories and photographs can be sent via email to TonyMarto@aol.com. We'll consider all admissions and include many quotes and interviews from Tony Mart aficionados around the world in the book that will begin in Naso, Messina, Sicily and follow the legacy of Antonino "Tony Mart" Marotta from there to Somers Point, New Jersey after "discovering America" on Columbus Day, 1932.









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