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Tony Mart - Somers Point, NJ

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The original Tony Mart’s Cafe located at 939 Bay Avenue in Somers Point.

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Picture 4.  The original “Tony Mart Luncheonette” located at Columbia Place and the Boardwalk where the Trump Plaza Casino Hotel now stands in Atlantic City.

 8th century, saracen village of NasoThe 8th Century, Saracene Village of Naso, Province of Messina, Sicily, Italy located in the mountains 4,000 feet above the Cape of Orlando on the Northeast coast of Sicily.
Schicks Tavern Somers Point
Schick’s Tavern on Bay Avenue in Somers Point at a date prior to its purchase and renovation by Tony Mart.

The actual house in Naso where Anthony Marotta was born and raised with five brothers and one sister amidst the olive and fruit trees of his father, Carmelo Marotta’s estate.