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Tony Mart and Pete Toscano
Tony Mart and his trusted manager, Pete Toscano, at the bar relaxing. (circa 1959)
Tony Mart's early 1950s
The interior of Tony Mart’s in the early 1950s.
Len Carrie and the Krackerjacks - Tony Marts
Glossy publicity photo of “Len Carrie and the Krackerjacks”.  When Tony Mart was once asked “what was it that caused your Tavern to become such a successful entertainment nightclub?”  Tony Mart unhesitatingly replied, “Len Carrie and the Krackerjacks”.
Tony Mart's Fun Galor Len Carrie Jerry Gabriel
Display ad announcing the season opening of Tony Mart’s “Bar and Café” from the mid 1950’s.  Opening was usually around Palm Sunday and this ad announces the coming of Jerry Gabriel and his Angels for the Easter week.  Also of note is the fact that Len Carrie is advertised as “formerly with Spike Jones” a famous comedic swing and show band leader of the 50‘s.