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The Musical Joy of The Tony Mart Legacy
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From the first classic notes of THE BAND'S multi-platinum song, THE WEIGHT, you will hear and know that this is an exciting, new broadcast celebrating the joy of the quintessential Jersey Shore musical legacy of Tony Mart's.  Hear the history of the music of our lives and insights on the latest history making events and concerts that continue "The Good Times" of our lives. Share delicious culinary creations with the love of friends gathering together; savor the finest food - how to make it and where to enjoy it.

Music, food and fun with good time banter and informative insights about wines, craft beers of the world, delicate preparations, flavor fusions, rootsy road food, traditional feasting, decadent delicious classics and the wines, beers and cocktails to best compliment them.   For two hours we will share the good life, La Dolce Vita, La Joie de Vivre! At Tony Mart's and every day in New Orleans they say "Let the Good Times Roll!" with sensational gourmand experiences and the excitement of gathering, sharing and tasting superb moments punctuated by live musical performance and the camaraderie of our extended family of friends.

Continuing the themes of excellence with recommendations for wine and liquor libations, seasonal news about Jersey Fresh produce and  familiar styles of novel and informative interviews, Let the Good Times Roll! will focus on cooking discussions, recipes and tastings and remote transmissions broadcast at great restaurants from Italy to Tucson!  Of course there will be savory slices of New Orleans and Southern flavors and rhythms added to the cultural gumbo.

With many musical and culinary celebrities contributing, regular co-host, Chef Richard Spurlock, and calls from our many friends and fans, this new show will continue our traditions of excellence and enjoyment of The Tony Mart Legacy and the friendship and love and our community..  We will make you hungry for good times, the best food and phenomenal musical performances.

Join us! Come celebrate the life and contributions of Anthony "Tony Mart" Marotta and weekly recognition of historic and contemporary South Jersey Folk Heroes, celebrity chefs, performers, professionals, business and civic leaders with style and flair and the essential seasoning of contributions from you, the people who love them and "The Good Times" we create together as we continue their legacy.

Let the Good Times Roll!





On our way to the Golden Oro Valley in Arizona for the Thanksgiving holidays we will review the fabulous Exit 0 Jazz Festival in Cape May and look forward to the April 17, 18 and 19 Exit 0 Jazzfest in Spring 2020.
Looking forward to the fabulous free Circle Liquor in-store wine tastings every Saturday from 1 to 4 for free and the Tony Mart Christmas party presented by the Hawkins Road Band and Tony Mart's at JDs Pub Monday, December 16, 2019 we will talk about Music, Food, Fun, Travel and Community Professionals live on WPG 1450 AM, 95.5 FM and Listen Live.*
We will review the interesting and excellent wines to be tasted at "Eagles Country" Wednesday, November 13, 2019 and the craft beers presented by "Jordan the Craft Beer Man" from Circle Liquor Store as he makes a guest appearance along with Carmen Marotta at the 6 PM tastings before the Tony Mart Allstars cut loose with more than two hours of the greatest music from the Eagles and individual hits from the superstars in the Eagles this Wednesday night.
"Back on Bay Avenue" is a new series presented by Tony Mart's at JOSIE KELLY'S PUBLIC HOUSE INSTEAD OF Gateway Playhouse in Somers Point. THIS FIRST CONCERT IN THE SERIES HAD TO BE MOVED FROM GATEWAY PLAYHOUSE TO JOSIE KELLY'S PUBLIC HOUSE, HOWEVER FUTURE SHOWS WILL BE SCHEDULED AT THE GATEWAY IN THE NEW YEAR. Meant to bring the excitement of the AtlantiCare Concerts on the Beach to Somers Point year-round, the series combines spectacular live musical performances, beginning with "Eagles Country" a 2 hour plus tribute to the most popular recording artists of our time, The Eagles, and famous songs recorded by individual stars associated with the Eagles including Linda Ronstadt, Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Vince Gill and Glenn Frey. With extensive tastings of craft beer and a diverse array of wines donated by Circle Liquor Store for the benefit of Lawson's Pride is the first of several community service organizations who will benefit from the proceeds of these events.
The free 1 hour wine tasting will feature a phenomenal selection of wines selected by Circle Liquor wine master, Chester Malloy, including a light Prosecco, phenomenal Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir, the incredible "Baby Amarone", Gran Passione, one of the greatest Northern Italian Wines ever available for only $11.95, and a "Big Red" California Cabernet Sauvignon, all at amazing discounts through November 18, 2019 at Circle Liquor.
The five craft beers and microbrews will include seasonal fall brews as well as special limited selections perfect for enjoyment on a crisp fall evening.
The party starts at 6pm with tastings and the concert begins at 7 p.m. for more than two hours of intense, exciting performances by the Tony Mart Allstars including "The Voice of Hawkins Road", Brian Conover, Rich "Megahurtz" Kurtz, Jimmy Old-School" Glenn, Brian "Coconutz" Varhelyi, "Big Bob" Ernano, Dan Burke and Rosie O'Reilly.
Tickets will be available at the door at Josie Kelly's Public House.
Back in the award-winning culinary environs of greater Tucson Arizona, we will focus on some of the greatest southwestern restaurants in the world as recognized by UNESCO.
We will also kick back and muse about some of the exciting stars and performances planned for the 2020 summer season in South Jersey.
It is official! The Tony Mart Christmas Party will be a free concert from the stars of Hawkins Road and the Tony Mart Allstars, Danny Eyer, Brian "The Voice" Conover, Rich "Megahurtz" Kurtz and "Old-School" Jimmy Glenn Monday, December 16th 6 to 9pm.
We will all come together, performers, producers and music aficionados at JDs Pub, where the evening will feature any style burger with fries and for only $6.99 and 20 fantastic craft beers on tap.
Please join the friendly, hospitable staff Saturday, November 16th from 1 to 4 PM at the Circle Liquor in-store winetasting when Winemaster, Chester Malloy, shares free samples of another four excellent and interesting wines. It's always a good time at the Circle so please stop by and join us at the best independent liquor store in the state of New Jersey, probably the best in the world now celebrating its 80th anniversary with a tremendous and vast selection and warm hospitality.
In addition to all of that we will preview an opportunity for you to consider a "Tony Mart Style" travel experience this spring to Ireland and a cruise to the Norwegian fjords and fall, 2020, in a combination of six glorious days in Bavaria including the real Oktoberfest in Munich and the passion play in Oberammergau before flying to our homeland, the gorgeous island of Sicily for a nine day stay at four wonderful, warm waterfront resorts on the incredible island of Sicily, We'll talk about it Live this Saturday and every Saturday at high noon Eastern time when Tony more presents music, food, fun, travel and community professionals on WPG 1450 AM, 104 95.5 FM and Listen Live* worldwide.
From the beautiful "Valley of Gold" Oro Valley, Arizona and the incredible jazz concerts of Victorian Cape May to parties, concerts and dinners in South Jersey, we say "Let the Good Times Roll!"
*System Requirements May Apply to Stream Live

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