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From the first classic notes of THE BAND'S multi-platinum song, THE WEIGHT, you will hear and know that this is an exciting, new broadcast celebrating the joy of the quintessential Jersey Shore musical legacy of Tony Mart's.  Hear the history of the music of our lives and insights on the latest history making events and concerts that continue "The Good Times" of our lives. Share delicious culinary creations with the love of friends gathering together; savor the finest food - how to make it and where to enjoy it.

Music, food and fun with good time banter and informative insights about wines, craft beers of the world, delicate preparations, flavor fusions, rootsy road food, traditional feasting, decadent delicious classics and the wines, beers and cocktails to best compliment them.   For two hours we will share the good life, La Dolce Vita, La Joie de Vivre! At Tony Mart's and every day in New Orleans they say "Let the Good Times Roll!" with sensational gourmand experiences and the excitement of gathering, sharing and tasting superb moments punctuated by live musical performance and the camaraderie of our extended family of friends.

Continuing the themes of excellence with recommendations for wine and liquor libations, seasonal news about Jersey Fresh produce and  familiar styles of novel and informative interviews, Let the Good Times Roll! will focus on cooking discussions, recipes and tastings and remote transmissions broadcast at great restaurants from Italy to Tucson!  Of course there will be savory slices of New Orleans and Southern flavors and rhythms added to the cultural gumbo.

With many musical and culinary celebrities contributing, regular co-host, Chef Richard Spurlock, and calls from our many friends and fans, this new show will continue our traditions of excellence and enjoyment of The Tony Mart Legacy and the friendship and love and our community..  We will make you hungry for good times, the best food and phenomenal musical performances.

Join us! Come celebrate the life and contributions of Anthony "Tony Mart" Marotta and weekly recognition of historic and contemporary South Jersey Folk Heroes, celebrity chefs, performers, professionals, business and civic leaders with style and flair and the essential seasoning of contributions from you, the people who love them and "The Good Times" we create together as we continue their legacy.

Let the Good Times Roll!




March 6th Music, Food, Fun, Travel and Community Professionals live this Saturday and every Saturday at 12 noon Eastern time on WPG 1450 AM, 95.5 FM or Listen Live*.
When Tony Mart's became so busy in the spring and summer that it was necessary to close and recover in the off-season in the late 50s and 60s, we had a proud tradition of a grand reopening with huge hydrangea flowers everywhere celebrating Palm Sunday and the coming Easter weekend holiday. It was after that time that the weekend action began building in Ocean City and Somers Point and all along the Jersey shore.
To help us celebrate this event we will have a visit from no less than "Tony Mart, Jr." himself sharing the sweet childhood memories of those sensational good times when we started another tremendous year of entertainment and "good times" in Somers Point. We are so pleased that we will be able to commemorate that occasion with our first event of the year featuring Billy Walton and Danny Eyer along with "Old-School" Jimmy Glenn, and a fun evening of entertainment entitled "Danny's Beatles versus Billy Stones" on Palm Sunday this year!
In addition to hearing the two great guitar players perform Beatles and Stones classics, we will have a palate pleasing evening of wine and beer tastings courtesy of our co-sponsor, Circle Liquor Store.
The donation of $45 on Sunday, March 28th, includes the show, two beer or wine tasting sessions and an excellent, high-quality delicious two course meal from Fitzpatrick's Steakhouse and Deli. As you can imagine, the reservations are moving briskly and next week we will preview the delicious offerings Chef Billy will present on the menu.
If you cannot be with us that day please make a donation to help the performing artists who are urgently in need of support due to the lack of normal engagements during the pandemic. Please go to Tony Mart Cares, GoFundMe or contact us directly at tonymartcares@gmail.com to make any donation large or small.
Danny Eyer will be visiting with us this week on the show to share his excitement and gratitude to everyone in our extended family for the support.

We will enjoy a savory review of one of the finest southwestern restaurants in the United States, El Charro, the oldest continuously operating restaurant celebrating it's 99th anniversary. El Charro is one of the reasons our beautiful city of Tucson was placed on the UNESCO world heritage site as one of the most outstanding locations for Southwestern cuisine.  Thanks to the finest air dried beef jerky known as Carne Seca; over stuffed poblano chili rellenos and Nancy's favorite seafood enchiladas with a mild green chili cream sauce. The sous chef of the Tony Mart family is here cooking and partying with us in southern Arizona and "TP" Tony Previti will be joining us for some culinary observations and fun.
We want to thank the Circle Liquor Store for again stepping up and offering to donate all the beer and wine as they co-sponsor the first event entitled "Danny's Beatles versus Billy‘s Stones." As always we will have some great suggestions for the best beer and wine bargains at Circle Liquor Store which will not be beaten by any other competitor. Bring any price, any advertised special to the Circle and they will meet or beat it! In order to even better serve the immediate community in South Jersey, Circle Liquor Store is now delivering to Ocean City, Somers Point and Linwood. Additionally, you can call in your order and get curb service as one of the friendly and hospitable Circle Liquor personnel will actually bring your purchases out to your car. It is amazing that they have been able to serve the increased demand with a huge variety of diverse and exotic tequilas, rare and hard to find bourbons and whiskeys, the very latest and exclusive seasonal and limited microbrews and craft beers. Seven days a week from 9 AM till 10 PM with delivery every day but Sunday Circle Liquor Store remains the best independent liquor store in the world serving and supporting our own South Jersey community.
One of the greatest, Grammy award winning combinations in the popular music performance in our lifetimes, Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues Band, will be available on live streaming next Saturday night, March 13 at 9 p.m. eastern time. We have presented Taj Mahal on the Boardwalk and Phantom Blues Band in both Atlantic City and Somers Point. Don't miss this chance to see the quintessence of roots rock and blues we will preview on our show this week.  Tickets for this live stream are available at Mandolin Box Office - Taj Mahal.  
Like the fine wine from a boutique winery, Aronberg, Kouser, Snyder and Lindeman is a very aggressive and accomplished personal injury and Worker's Compensation law firm which produces sweet results for its clients and provides incomparable personal service helping injured clients with medical bills, disabilities and special all requirements and medical needs. For over seven years now Carmen Marotta has managed the Jersey Shore office of this respected Cherry Hill Law Firm right in Somers Point at 551 New Rd.  Free consultations for review of any legal questions or automobile, homeowner and business premises liability insurance coverage are available upon request at 609-365-8249.  With the 40 year veteran managing attorney David Kouser on call and the brilliant worker's compensation attorney, Jeremy Lindeman, who consistently obtains excellent compensation for worker's compensation claimants after guiding them through the difficult workers compensation experience,  Aronberg, Kouser, Snyder and Lindeman is an excellent choice where you can receive the personal attention of Carmen Marotta and the expertise of some of New Jersey's finest attorneys.
Join us this Saturday at 12 noon Eastern Time as we experience the rejuvenation of our lives and the fun, excitement and joy to come.  We implore everyone to continue moving positively with vaccines and the precautions and protocols that will protect us all and get us back to the party! We will focus on the nostalgia of warm feelings of Tony Mart's grand opening back in the day and the excitement of the summers to come as we ready to celebrate and commemorate the Tony Mart legacy in South Jersey with as many live performances as we can possibly produce.
Share the anticipation of our first show on March 28 with Danny, Billy and Old School; as well as the Tony Mart All-Stars tribute to Eric Clapton and Van Morrison coming in May.
We are so ready to "Let the Good Times Roll!"

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