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Fortunately, we have intelligent, capable and caring public officials at all levels of government.  It is compellingly clear, however, that our region’s economic and business problems are both deep and extensive.  We are proud and gratified with the success of our relatively economical concert series.  We are appreciative and impressed with the bombastic impact of the country mega concerts which were so successfully produced on July 31 and August 3 as a result of the local coalition led by the Atlantic City Alliance.  These positive efforts to produce such great free and low cost events are important to the future revitalization of our region.  We need wide spread grass roots efforts in order to help ourselves.

It is so important that we all stay focused on supporting such efforts; we also recognize the crucially  significant statements of Assemblyman Chris Brown, printed in the Press on Sunday, August 24.   I have never been more proud of an elected official whom I support than I was when I read the article about Chris Brown’s efforts to guarantee and protect as much of a free market, as possible so private investors will bring commercial projects to revitalize the casino industry in our area.  I applaud and support Assemblyman Brown’s efforts.  We know that they echo the sentiments of most of our elected officials and friends in our region.

Clearly there is ample evidence that we shouldn’t be waiting for the multi-national corporations to demonstrate care and concern for our families and friends trying to earn a living and support our local economy.

We support Assemblyman Brown’s intelligent and substantive proposals.  We have repeatedly demonstrated our willingness to work hard and produce successful events on the Somers Point Beach, the Arkansas Ave Beach and Kennedy Plaza on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.  We are grateful for the many expressions of gratitude we receive but we are concerned that so many people in our region don’t want to go to Atlantic City and support events there because of problems with parking or traffic.  We ask them to believe this message.  We are in Atlantic City much of the time during busy periods and events.  We enjoy ourselves and experience very few problems; certainly no more than any other city that we visit regularly.  Our friends and neighbors need to recognize how strongly the problems in Atlantic City impact our community:  jobs, disposable income and the real estate values of our homes.

We invite everyone to enjoy our events and positively support all efforts to improve Atlantic City and increase its popularity as a successful and attractive place for all of us, our guests and the regional tourists needed to attract economic growth.
As Cyril Neville says: “In the words of the great prophet, Bob Marley, Let’s Get Together and Feel All Right!”

Carmen Marotta
Egg Harbor Township


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Editorial from Carmen Marotta
CRDA Summer Concert Series:
The Tip of the Iceberg That Must Emerge

Our Atlantic County based company, Tony Mart Presents, is grateful to Atlantic City, Atlantic County and New Jersey officials, especially those at the CRDA for the government support and the opportunity we have been given. 

In view of the great joy and popularity of our first 5 concerts, Nancy and I are very enthusiastic about doing even more to promote and enhance the popularity of Atlantic City as a destination resort.