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Somers Point Historical Society and Tony Mart’s will present “A Touch of Class for Tony Mart’s“ a screening of Eddie and the Cruisers

Following the 109th birthday of Antonino “Tony Mart“ Marotta on January 11, 2023, we prepare to warm up for the summer with our first celebration of the Tony Mart legacy on April 22, 2023 when the Somers Point Historical Society and Tony Mart’s will present “A Touch of Class for Tony Mart’s“ a screening of Eddie and the Cruisers and Live performance starring Michael “Tunes“ Antunes, the only real rockstar in Eddie and the Cruisers; and our own Jersey Shore Rock and Soul Guitar Hero, Billy Walton, with the sensational Destinee Monroe performing “Tender Years” 
The party will start at the Gateway Playhouse at 6 PM that Saturday night before the movie.
Later that evening there will be an after party at Josie Kelly’s Public House where The Billy Walton Band will perform with Destinee. 
The BMW’s perform a fabulous, intimate show with your requests every Wednesday night from 6:30 to 9:30.  Billy and Destinee will tour Europe with The Billy Walton Band in early April; but until then please join us at Josie Kelly’s Wednesdays and support the band and party to your favorite requests while sharing with gratuities during the lean winter months in the spirit of Tony Mart Cares. 
As we consider him to be the “Prince“ of the Tony Mart family, we are delighted to announce that this summer Tony Mart Presents “Rocking The Point” with the entire Billy Walton Band, including the scintillating Destinee Monroe every Thursday night all summer long from June 22 through August 31 on Thursday nights, creating an unbeatable combination with the Somers Point Beach concerts on Friday nights!
Most of the schedule has been tentatively engaged for the 2023 Somers Point Beach Concerts.  Updated information will be forthcoming about the exciting lineup which will include Gary US Bonds, Jethro Tull, Tommy Castro and the Painkillers and one of the top emerging stars of roots rock ‘n’ roll and blues rock, Mike Zito, who will perform his new album produced by no less than Joe Bonamassa, when he performs the opening concert June 16, 2023 along with the reknown guitar shredder, Albert Castiglia from south Florida as the “Blood Brothers”.
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Forget about Jersey Mike’s let’s talk about Jersey Pete’s, you have not lived until you’ve enjoyed the White House legacy subs served at the Original White House on Mississippi Avenue and in the Hard Rock; all over the county by the Sacco family and right on Zion and Ocean Heights Avenue at Pete’s subs by the Nistico‘s, Pileggi‘s and “Topo” himself at Pete’s Subs. If anybody wants to talk about Mike’s, just tell them “Forget About It!“
These subs are the Legacy of our Tony Mart family!  We love them and want the world to share them.
As we get ready for the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise departing January 28 from Port Everglades, Florida; and Mardi Gras which we will celebrate in New Orleans starting February 10 through Mardi Gras day February 21, we are working hard this winter to get ready to Let the Good Times Roll in Summertime 2023!

Rock and Soul at The Point this summer!

Wishing you a Happy New Year with a gift for 2023 from Tony Mart Presents and The Point tropical nightclub and tiki bar in the historic Somers Point Bayfront where our Jersey Shore Rock and Soul Guitar Hero, Billy Walton, will be performing in concert with the entire Billy Walton Band and their sensational, sexy female vocalist, Destinee Monroe every Thursday night from June 22 through August 31 2023, 6 to 10pm!
This exciting announcement celebrates the Tony Mart legacy right on Bay Avenue where it all began. This will be the place for all of us to enjoy the incredible rock ‘n’ roll performances of these emerging international stars of the Tony Mart family.
Additionally, Destinee and Billy will appear with the BMW’s, along with Jimmy Brogan, at The Point in Sea Isle every Monday, June 26 through Labor Day September 4, 2023 also 6 to 10pm!
With those concerts, Tony Mart Presents is proud of it’s major commitment to Jersey Shore summertime entertainment with Friday Night Concerts on the Beach in Somers Point and the anticipated Mardi Gras AC concerts planned for Wednesday nights on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in 2023. 
We celebrate the New Year with the hot summertime vibe of Good Times past and  great times to come in 2023.
Let the Good Times Roll!

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