2023 Mardi Gras AC
 Free Live Outdoor Concerts  - Starts at 7pm - Live At Kennedy Plaza on the Atlantic City Boardwalk


The history of Tony Marts nightclub in Somers Point is a window into the evolution of popular music from the late 40’s to the 80’s. That “Jersey Shore Good Time” perspective on the history of American Music, is the model for our legacy business, Tony Mart Presents, it’s productions, our volunteer work for the City of Somers Point on the Somers Point Beach Concert Committee and all of the events that Tony Mart Presents.

Nancy and I are truly grateful we are able to receive funding, sponsorship and recognition that we can capitalize upon in order to proudly present the free concerts, low admission and donation only events that Tony Mart Presents.

We wish to extend a tremendous amount of thanks to our media partners, professional Consultants, The New Jersey State Casino Reinvestment Development Authority and especially the administration and government of the City of Somers Point, and the City of Atlantic City for empowering us to present the very finest, “really great music” in the world and bring it to the audiences who would simply not be able to enjoy it and experience its cultural enrichment if it were not for this huge and complex joint effort by everyone who enables us.

Simply put, we want to express our sincerest appreciation and love for all of you who put forth these efforts which allow us to” Let the Good Times Roll”!

See You at The Next Gig!

Somers Point Beach Concerts

June 9th - September 8th
Fridays, 7pm - 10pm

Unique, Magical, World Class Concerts
on Small Town Beach.

Morrow Beach, 800 Bay Ave

Mardi Gras Atlantic City

June 28th - September 6th
Wednesdays, 7pm - 10pm

R&B, Funk, Roots & Classic Rock

Kennedy Plaza, Atlantic City Boardwalk

Rockin’ The Point

June 22nd - August 31st
Thursdays, 7pm - 11pm
The Billy Walton Band

998 Bay Ave, Somers Point