Our Team. . . .

Our latest achievement is 2023 national award recognition of Atlanticare Concerts on the Beach in Somers Point as the best free outdoor concert series in America by USA TODAY Top Ten Readers Poll Travel Awards.

Led by a devoted, selfless community volunteer, Nancy Marotta, The Somers Point Beach Concert Committee has become a Somers Point legacy of the Marotta Family led by Carmen Marotta, the son of Sicilian immigrant "Tony Mart". The committee is populated with stars including the talented photographer, John Loreaux; Linda Bader Archambeau, granddaughter of William Morrow after whom the Somers Point Beach is named, and the daughter of one of Somers Point’s many great police officers, Chief Lynn Bader; her husband Moe Archambeau, “the lovely Cheryl” Kershner, Andy Malson and Dawn Collins.

Somers Point is a fertile community in which this world class concert series has grown nourished by the musical culture in its history.

Somers Point community leaders, the Mayor, City Council and Administration are focused and dedicated on helping the committee make this the best outdoor concert series in America. They deserve tremendous recognition and accolades for their positive leadership.

Most importantly it is the people who come every week to laugh, dance and enjoy this unique and magical place. They voted to reward us with pride and gratitude for producing and presenting the finest musical talent ever seen in a small town free concert series.

   All the directors and founding members of our non profit organization, TONY MART CARES

  Carmen Marotta Co-producer and Administrator - Autobiographical Synopsis

  Nancy Marotta Co-producer and Administrator
  Terri “The Grizz” Vizzone Media & Marketing Director
  John Loreaux Photographer, SPB/TM Facebook
Cheryl Kershner Donation Coordinator
  Cindy & Bob Fertsch Shore Local Media Partners
  Marc Berman Media Consultant
Don Hurley Media Consultant
  Frank D. Formica Co-producer Emeritus
  Rich “Megahurtz” Kurtz Musical Director Tony Mart Allstars
  Tony Mart Allstars  
  Frankie “Fish” Barbera  
  Linda Bader-Archambault  
  Mo Archambault  
  Dawn Collins  

   The Tony Mart AllStars - The best regional musicians who generally and variously appear in the different Tony Mart productions as “The Tony Mart Allstars
  Bobby Ferguson Trumpet
  Howard Isaacson Saxophone, Flute
  “Old School” Jimmy Glenn Drums, Percussion
  Danny Eyer. Guitar, Vocals
  “Big Bob” Ernano. Lead Vocals
  Bob Coulon. Keyboards, Bass
  Dan Burke. Guitar, Vocals
  Rich “Mega Hurtz” Kurtz Bass, Vocals, Musical Director
  Brian “The Voice” Conover (Center) Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals

Somers Point Beach Concerts

June 9th - September 8th
Fridays, 7pm - 10pm

Unique, Magical, World Class Concerts
on Small Town Beach.

Morrow Beach, 800 Bay Ave

Mardi Gras Atlantic City

June 28th - September 6th
Wednesdays, 7pm - 10pm

R&B, Funk, Roots & Classic Rock

Kennedy Plaza, Atlantic City Boardwalk

Rockin’ The Point

June 22nd - August 31st
Thursdays, 7pm - 11pm
The Billy Walton Band

998 Bay Ave, Somers Point